Solar? I hardly knew her!

I’m sorry about the title. Kinda. Anyway… I’m really worried about our planet. I’m also onboard with the “The Singularity is near” philosophy. As a result I try to keep tabs on break throughs and emerging trends that may help us … save the world.

Spiritual Tools #1

The past two weeks have been difficult with regard to my spiritual practice. I’ve not gotten my daily meditations in with the consistency I had been. — Insert All the normal excuses here — It’s interesting/enlightening/terrifying how much difference I notice in my patience level

Spiritual vs. Religious.

I’m spending a lot of time lately working on and thinking about my own spiritual path. I’m a noob at this, and have lots to learn. Don’t expect soul shattering Oprah moments from me. But I am enjoying the journey and it’s been top of

Google’s Awesome AI work.

Whether you are a fan/user of Android, Apple, whatever… I’d bet we’d end up in agreement that, putting aside the merit of phones & devices for a moment, Google is more likely to usher us into an era of Artificial Intelligence than almost anyone else.


I thought it a good idea to open the site with a quick welcome message. If you’d like to hear more about WHY the blog exists, and what it’s trying to do… you should check out the “About” page. Here I’d like to set expectations,