SLACKSPACE is a term most often associated with IT security, and refers to the space between the ones and zeros. With the proper training, and care, data can be recovered from this supposedly empty space.

When we envisioned a blog that focused on the unique overlap of Spirituality, Technology, and Social issues… that phrase seemed a perfect fit.┬áSomething from nothing.

At SLACKSPACE we’ll post about all three of these areas; Always trying to approach them from the angle of how a given topic relates to the bigger picture. With spirituality it’s easy enough, but we hope this approach will result in a unique perspective on things like technology.

Don’t expect gizmo product unboxings or a re-hashing of specs. There are a million sites that do that. Instead, we like to talk about the possible convergence technologies that had previously been covered in silos. We like to think about how technology could affect things like spirituality, and social justice.

But… we are geeks.
And we do intend on keeping the personal touch of an old school blog.
So if we geek out about a gadget every once and a while… please forgive us.


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