hello-mattI thought it a good idea to open the site with a quick welcome message.
If you’d like to hear more about WHY the blog exists, and what it’s trying to do… you should check out the “About” page.
Here I’d like to set expectations, and give a quick tutorial how to use the site.

The first thing you should know…
I like the ellipsis… a lot. I don’t use is correctly either.
I’ve tried to care about this, but I just don’t seem able. Enjoy.

But I’m not the only person that will be posting here.
Other contributors may have more respect for the ellipsis… but they surely won’t love it like I do.
If you’re interested in who might be posting here check out the “Who’s Who” page.
The team may grow (or shrink) over time. No one is REQUIRED to post, but listed on that page are the people who may.

We (the contributors to this site) are … people.
We blog about things we are interested in, but that doesn’t make us gurus.
I for example will likely be blogging a lot in the Spirituality category for a while; Something that I’m perhaps not terribly qualified to do when compared to the Pope or Dali Lama. I am in fact a spiritual noob by almost any objective measure. It is however something I’m spending a lot time thinking about, so expect that to translate to my blog topics.
Bottom Line: This is a blog in the grand old tradition of the medium.

Probably the biggest thing you should know…
is that we want this blog to be a joy both to read, and to create.
Lots of posts being pushed out just because it’s 8am isn’t what we’re after. We want our posts to be worth reading, even if that means a less than regular cadence. Also, we are all humans; with friends, families, jobs, pet projects, etc.
We will not allow this blog to become a chore. If we can’t enjoy it neither will you.
I created a venn digram to help illustrate this, but was told that perhaps I needed a vacation.

So welcome.
If you’re reading this – I am very pleased to have you here. Please enjoy, and let us know you’re here.
Comment, share, or visit us in our dreams.
(seriously – that would be cool.)

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